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"Luban Award" for Bridge Construction

Public Date:2019-12-03

Recently, the construction of Sunxi River Bridge on Jiangxi Expressway in Chongqing city, as participated in by the company, has won the second batch of "Luban Award" projects of China for year 2018-2019.           

Jiangxi Expressway starts from Chongqing-Luzhou Expressway and ends at Dongsheng Town, the boundary of Chongqing and Guizhou. It is a new export channel in southern Chongqing, with strong functions of tourism and expressway. As the throat project of Jiangxi Expressway, Sunxi River Bridge is a typical super-high pier, large span, super-long expressway bridge in mountain area. The length of the bridge is 1,578 meters. The main bridge is a gravity anchored steel truss suspension bridge, with a main span of 660 meters, a cable tower height of about 200 meters, and a bridge deck height of about 290 meters from the river valley. The main line adopts the standard of two-way four-lane expressway, with a full width of 24.5m. The total thickness of the roadway pavement on the steel deck of the main bridge is 75mm, and the pavement structure is composed of methacrylic resin waterproof system and cast-in asphalt concrete high elastic modified asphalt.           

As the highest bridge in Chongqing, the construction of the bridge has been followed and reported by CCTV and other mainstream media. Before winning the Luban Award, the bridge had won a high quality engineering award in Chongqing city, China Steel Structure Gold Award, new technology application demonstration site and other honors, and obtained two utility model patents, one provincial and ministerial engineering method award, and one national class I QC achievement award.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company's project team, the goal of "Luban Award" was set to strictly implement the mandatory standards of engineering requirements. The main bridge asphalt concrete pavement works is one of the key target of quality control, as pavement quality directly affects the service life of the bridge deck and the driving comfort after opening to traffic. The project team organized professional personnel to conduct on-the-spot investigation on steel bridge surface construction coating, high elastic, high-strength modified asphalt, clean basalt, etc., carried out high quality design mix tests, and established a three-party verification mechanism so as to optimize the high-temperature performance and fatigue resistance of the mix with good performance. Due to the rainy and foggy April and May in Chongqing and the influence of the canyon wind, the conventional steel bridge deck asphalt concrete construction process could not meet the construction requirements. Therefore, the project team specially invited experts to participate in the preparation of the special construction scheme for the steel bridge deck asphalt concrete pavement. As a result, all the quality inspection results turned out to meet the requirements of design and relevant specifications, among which the flatness (maximum gap) deviation is less than 3mm, greatly improving the driving comfort of the bridge deck.           

"Luban Award" is the highest honor award of engineering quality in China's construction industry. The success of Sunxi River Bridge is the affirmation and recognition of construction quality of the company. 

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