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QC Activity Award

Public Date:2019-08-15

Recently, China Construction Industry Association and China Association of Construction Enterprise Management announced the result of assessment of “excellent quality management teams” for year 2019. Frist prize has been awarded to three QC results of the company, namely "Development of Classification and Recycling System for Concrete Tailings of Super High-rise Buildings", "Reducing Apparent Quality Defect Rate of Ancient Building Wood", and "Improving Antiseptic Engineering of Steel Bridge Deck". The company has also received second prize for two other QC results, i.e. "Development of Elevator Shaft Operation Platform for Super High-rise Buildings" and "Improvement of Detection Rate of Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing for Welds", as well as third prize for "Improvement of Positioning and Installation Accuracy of Lattice Columns".           

Over the past few years, the company has intensified its effort for the promotion of QC activities, including internal and external training, and mobilized the enthusiasm of employees for quality work. As a result, the number of award-winning QC activities have increased year by year. 

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