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Patent for Utility Model

Public Date:2019-09-05

Recently, the Water Environment Company of STECOL obtained a patent certificate for utility model called "Self-locking Quick Jacking Piece for Formwork Support" authorized by the National Intellectual Property Administration. This is the second national patent granted to the Water Environment Company this year.           

In the current construction industry, formwork support for cast-in-situ concrete is an indispensable step. At present, steel pipe or wood beam is commonly used with steel formwork for concrete construction. The installation and adjustment are inconvenient, the stability of support is poor, the operation is complex, and the workload of assembly and construction is heavy. Due to high cost and low construction efficiency, they are difficult to meet today's rapid construction requirements.           

After many improvements, the Water Environment Company has developed a self-locking rapid jacking piece for formwork support, which can quickly, conveniently and flexibly adjust the extension length of the jacking rod in the construction process, complete with self-locking characteristics and support stability. While ensuring the quality of works, it can help to save construction cost and reduce labor use as well. 

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