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Ecological Project Honor

Public Date:2020-04-22

Recently, the Xianlin Reservoir Project completed by the company was awarded "National Soil and Water Conservation Ecological Project" for year 2019 by the Ministry of Water Resources of China. 

The project is located in Xianlin Town, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province. It comprises mainly a dam, anti-seepage works and desilting works, aimed to provide emergency backup and anti-salty water supply for the city, flood control and water environment improvement. 

During the construction process of the project, full consideration was given to ecological protection and utilization of waste soil resources. All the earth cleared from the bottom of the reservoir was used on the slope behind the dam. The greening of slope was based on tea trees, camellia and other shrubs, with small arbors and ornamental plants, and a large area of turf and mixed chrysanthemums, so as to achieve the observation effect of flowers in spring and summer and evergreen in all seasons, naturally connecting the dam with the mountains on both sides, and integrating green mountains, green water and ecological dam slope. 

With the completion of the reservoir, Hangzhou's urban reserve water can meet the source water demand of the water plant in the main urban area for more than 8 days, and the salt resistance capacity can reach 97% of the guarantee rate. At the same time, combined with the downstream river regulation, the flood control standard in the downstream area of the reservoir is increased from 5 years to 20 years. 

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