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Two Work Methods Approved by CWEA

Public Date:2021-12-09

Recently, two work methods proposed by the company, namely “a new waterfront trestle work method of replacing concrete foundation with ground screw” and “an installation method of two-way rotary radial gate”  have been evaluated and adopted by China Water Engineering Association (CWEA) as approved work methods for the water resources industry. 

The basic principle of the new method of trestle construction is to drive the screw into the ground and tighten it with a special device to replace the traditional concrete foundation. The flange at the top is connected with the load, and the periphery of the flange is provided with bolt holes to fix the superstructure with bolts. While ensuring quality, this method can simplify the work process, save time and minimize the area affected by construction. It requires no excavation, saves manpower and land, reduces noise and prevents the ecological environment from secondary damage. 

The installation method of two-way rotary radial gate can effect gate opening and closing with moving water in two directions according to operation requirements. When opening the gate, it only needs to overcome the resistance moment of the gate weight and the friction of water stop and hinge shaft to the axis. It has the advantages of labor-saving, reliable operation and thin gate pier. The gate slot works well when there is much sediment, with minimum opening and closing force, good discharge conditions, resulting in economic and technical benefits.

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