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STECOL CORPORATION (previously named Sinohydro Tianjin Engineering Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1962. It is a top qualification enterprise under Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA), a Fortune 500 company. Focusing on engineering and construction works, STECOL has become an international contractor rich with integrated project management experience. Headquartered in Tianjin Binhai High-tech Area, the company has a registered capital of CNY 3 billion, a total asset of CNY 21 billion, and a turnover of CNY 18.2 billion (2020 figure). 

STECOL has been granted, as a general contractor, top qualification for construction of municipal works and water resources/hydropower works, and first class qualifications in construction of buildings, roads,  and electro-mechanical works. It has also obtained general qualifications in construction of railways and electric power, as well as specialized qualifications in steel structures, highway subgrade/pavement and foundation works, all covered by the integrated QEHS management system certification. 

With more than 20 branches, the company has expanded its business to all provinces and autonomous regions of mainland China, while its overseas business, traditionally concentrated in Asia and Africa, is growing to reach East Europe, South America, and Oceania, with projects in excess of USD 16 billion in total, distributed in more than 40 countries and five major language areas (English, French, Russia, Portuguese, Arabian). 

The company has over 6,000 full time employees, averaged 35 years old, of which 85% have received higher education, more than 500 have senior technical titles in engineering, commerce, or administration, and roughly the same number are senior technical staff (registered constructors, structure engineers, architects, etc). It is equipped with a municipal-class technology center and first-rate geotechnical/concrete lab, which lends to it a competitive edge in engineering research and applied technology. 

As a key player in construction of water and power works in China and a pioneer in the international market, STECOL has upheld its enterprise spirit of endeavoring and excellence, and constructed numerous high quality projects home and abroad in the past half century: 

Water and power works. These include: remodeling/rehabilitation works on Songhua River, Liaohe River, Haihe River, Yellow River, Huaihe River, Yangtze River, and Pearl River in China; improvement of canal systems in Pakistan; water supply in Victoria area in Tanzania; water environment improvement in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chongqing in China; urban flood control in Algeria; hydropower works, e.g. Gezhouba dam in China, Duber Khwar hydropower project in Pakistan. Of the works, the South-North Water Diversion Project is of national importance, and Qingyijiang Flood Control is the first massive water project being built on “construction agent” basis in China. It has also participated in construction of Rudong wind farm in Jiangsu province, known as the largest offshore wind power project in China. And the successful completion of Wroclaw floodway project executed by the company in Poland has restored confidence of the European market in Chinese construction enterprises. 

Transportation works. These include a number of key road works in China, such as Binhai Avenue in Tianjin city, Wushao Expressway in Fujian province, Liangzhong Expressway in Chongqing city, Wanping Expressway in Henan province, as well as Nairobi-Thika Highway in Kenya (known as the first high grade road in East Africa), over 1,000km roads of various grades in Tanzania. Airport works include rehabilitation of Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Kenya, Luena Airport in Angola, Kigoma Airport in Tanzania. There are also a number of rail works, including high speed railways such as Jing-Hu and Gui-Guang, and metro projects like Shenzhen Metro Line 7, Wuhan Metro Line 11, Harbin Metro Line 2, Chengdu Metro Line 4 making the company a designated track laying service provider of POWERCHINA.      

Urban infrastructures. These include: primary infrastructure works on BT or FC basis in China, such as Wuqing Development Zone in Tianjin, Fushun Shihua New Town in Liaoning and Anqing High-tech area; investment/financing projects on PPP basis, such as Road Network for Huoshan Ecological New Town in Anhui, Fuding Coastal Road in Fujian and Lingxiao Road in Pukou District in Jiangsu; participation in Lusail development project in Qatar, etc., making it an integrated construction service provider for urban infrastructures. 

Industrial and civil buildings. These include: real estates in several major cities in China, such as Tianjin, Wuhan, and Chengdu, and agricultural institutes and hospitals in Angola; construction of village buildings in Sri Lanka for the Red Cross, emergency disaster relief works in the Philippines, concrete silos in Algeria. The company has become a core enterprise for building works under POWERCHINA. 

Electro-mechanic and pipeline works.These include: manufacturing/ erection of hydraulic steel structures for Nierji HPP in Heilongjiang province, Yinpan HPP in Chongqing city, Tekeze HPP in Ethiopia, Merowe dam in Sudan; pipelines for Wanjiazai water diversion in Sanxi province, and South-North Water Diversion Project in China. Now it is the largest PCCP manufacturer in Asia. The successful completion of 233MW Photovoltaic Power Plant in Algeria has won high praise for the company from mainstream media home and abroad.        

The company has been actively pursuing its values of “create benefit for shareholders, shoulder responsibility for society, seek well-being for employees”, endeavoring to contribute more to society. Over the years, it has maintained the AAA credit rating with banks, and its projects have won numerous awards in China, such as Luban Award (the highest quality award for a building project in the country), National Premium Quality Project, National Municipal Gold Cup Project. Honor titles won by the company include: National Civilized Unit, Top 100 Competent Construction Enterprise, National Quality Efficiency Enterprise, National Excellent Water Resources Enterprise, National Excellent Power Construction Enterprise, National Excellent Highway Construction Enterprise, Top 100 Enterprise of Tianjin City, Credible Construction Enterprise of Tianjin City, etc.

During the past half century, the company has accumulated rich culture, and cultivated fine traditions denoted by “competition, persistence, bravery, and devotion”. The so called “four spirits”, i.e. professionalism, pioneering, learning and team work, has turned into conscious behavior of its employees. 

A thousand boats set sail on a long stretch of the river. From the new historic point, the company will follow its vision, and endeavor to become an integrated construction enterprise under POWERCHINA that is highly competent in the international market. Through sincere cooperation with all friends, it will make the future even better. 

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